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TruckSafe Manager™ - maintenance, management, training, mass, fatigue

In trucking businesses everywhere, TruckSafe Manager™ is changing the way operators manage their information.

As a leading Australian provider of specialist maintenance and fleet management software, Tamari Software and Technology have once again applied their extensive industry experience to produce another innovative software solution for Australian business.

Tamari, in partnership with TruckSafe and the Australian Trucking Association, has developed TruckSafe Manager - the fully featured business management and accreditation software solution for the Australian trucking industry.

Available now through the Australian Trucking Association and all good suppliers, this easy to use software is packed full of features for today's transport operator.

Accreditation and compliance documentation

Manage all of your compliance, accreditation and business documentation in one place. TruckSafe Manager includes tools and wizards to make document management easy.
gBall technology
Documentation at a glance:
  • Easy to use with simple setup wizards
  • Minimise duplication by sharing information between all of your documents and manuals
  • Download pre-configured document packs - the hard work is already done for you
  • Automatic document management saves time
  • Manage all of your accreditation and compliance documentation - TruckSafe, NHVAS, WAHVA, Maintenance Management, Fatigue Management, Mass Management
Manage all of your accreditation, compliance and business documentation in one place.
  • TruckSafe - the national industry accreditation scheme developed by the Australian Trucking Association. .
  • NHVAS - National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme
  • WAHVA - Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation
  • Maintenance Management
  • Driver Training
  • Mass Management
  • Fatigue Management
  • Workplace and Driver Health
  • and many more.

Maintenance Management

TruckSafe Manager's world class computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) enables you to easily monitor all of your equipment and track your maintenance spending.
Maintenance Management
Maintenance management at a glance:
  • Simple wizard setup
  • Unlimited maintenance records
  • Set different programmed maintenance tasks for your equipment
  • Automatic non-conformance reports take the headache out of your quarterly compliance audits
  • Automatic notifications and reminders keep you informed of important details
  • Monitor your defects and maintenance pending
  • Reduce missed warranty claims with automatic warranty notifications
Computerise your workshop maintenance records and reporting with a world class maintenance management system.
  • Start off simple - you only need to enter the details you really need to.
  • Automatic service monitoring - let TruckSafe Manager monitor when your services are due.
  • Find information fast with the comprehensive Quick Search features.
  • Manage defects and driver repair requests.
  • Create unlimited programmed maintenance tasks and set different reminder periods for equipment.
  • Easily locate incomplete or unfinished jobs
  • Fully auditable maintenance management records
  • Report builder to create custom printouts of your information.
  • and many more.

Compliance audit and review planning

TruckSafe Manager allows easy planning of your audit and review reminders and renewals in the one place. Simply setup the schedule and be automatically notified of what's coming up or currently overdue.
gBall technology
Audit and review at a glance:
  • Simple wizard setup
  • Enter many different reminders.
  • Accepts details from any compliance framework or scheme including TruckSafe, NHVAS, WAHVA and any others.
  • Powerful compliance management tool
Automate your audit and review planning and scheduling with TruckSafe Manager - the powerful audit management tool.
  • Enter an unlimited number of audits and reviews.
  • You can choose to either add new schedule tasks or roll over the dates - whatever is easier for your business.
  • Full sorting, grouping and filtering simplifies finding the right information you may need.
  • Customise your reports - distribute specific information on printouts that you build.
  • Audit or reviews missed are automatically flagged.
  • Setup is easy with intuitive calendar popups for entry of dates.
  • Fully auditable records - TruckSafe Manager automatically monitors any changes.
  • and many more.

Business, equipment and employee reminders and renewals

Create accurate schedules of reminders and renewals with Tamari TruckSafe Manager. With your business, equipment and employees automatically monitored, missing important tasks is a thing of the past.
Reminder Management Software
Reminders and renewals at a glance:
  • Easy wizard style entry
  • Monitor any recurring equipment, employee or business task
  • All dates are automatically monitored by the software
  • You receive regular updates on tasks overdue or due soon
  • Choose to categorise your reminders
  • Automatic notification service

TruckSafe Manager reporting features

TruckSafe Manager provides many different ways to view your business information. You can even create your own customised printouts from all the information you have entered.
Business management reporting
Reporting features at a glance:
  • Maintenance reports
  • Parts and labour reports
  • Fault reports
  • Audit and review reports
  • Reorder reports
  • Reminder and renewal reports
  • Management reports
  • Equipment reports
  • Employee reports
  • Training record reports
  • and many more

TruckSafe Manager is the trucking industry's business management, accreditation and compliance management software solution.

Until now, trucking companies have had to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to replace inefficient paper-based records with computerised systems. TruckSafe Manager is different.

Now every trucking company, regardless of size, can afford to:

  • computerise maintenance management and workshop records
  • eliminate repetitive paperwork with cross checks to reduce the chance of mistakes
  • easily develop and maintain written procedures for different business modules such as maintenance management, fatigue management, mass management and many others
  • track maintenance spending
  • for operators that keep some parts in stock, or have multiple depots, an optional inventory control module will track your usage patterns, help with reordering and simplify stocktakes.
  • manage all compliance paperwork in one place irrespective of the accreditation scheme. TruckSafe Manager will enable the simple secure management of documents and manuals for TruckSafe, NHVAS, WAHVA, TruckCare and many, many others.

The TruckSafe Manager software has been produced to assist all trucking operators with their compliance paperwork and document management for all accreditation and compliance schemes across Australia. So, regardless of where you are or what you do, TruckSafe Manager will help your business to run smoother and increase your efficiency.

The TruckSafe Manager software has been developed right here in Australia - the toughest testing ground for trucking and as it's Australian made, can be customised to suit your business as you grow.

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